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  • This 4-in-1 mascara lengthens, curls, conditions and volumizes your lashes in one stroke
  • The curved brush makes for effortless application that hugs the natural shape of your eye to coat every last lash

Argan Oil Conditions and protects lashes

intense, dramatic lashes

Paraben Free

No Clumps

No Flakes

No Smudges

Can apply multiple coats without lashes getting stiff

Use curve side up for volume.

Use curve side down for length and separation.

show off mascara

“I constantly search for the best mascara I never wind up using the same one well I'm on my third tube of show off mascara. I love it. I'm 53 and my lashes are getting sparse but this makes me look like I have full thick lashes.”
- angela kaltsas - New Jersey


“This Mascara is truly AMAZING.I have never found a mascara that can make my lashes look so long and full.Thanks...........”
- mary - New York


“I am obsessed with my lashes and get complimented all the time. People always ask me if I have false eyelashes on! I usually end up using two different mascaras to accomplish this but after trying this mascara I only use one! Love it !”
- Laura - New Jersey


“I love this mascara! I have been a LancĂ´me supporter for years. I started having problems with my lashes breaking and getting thinner so I thought it was time to make a change. OMG! This mascara is the best. It has really made a difference in my lashes. The word show off suits the mascara. You will definitely want to show off your lashes. I am 47 and my eyes now look like they are 20 again. This is really the best mascara I have used.”
- Christie Iglicki - Georgia

Best Mascara EVER

“I have tried them ALL. Every brand name, high end mascara on the market. My eyelashes need all the help I can get. I had to resort to using a waterproof version so I wouldn't have racoon eyes but it was a hassle to take off at the end of the day. This mascara has been a miracle. It gives me full lashes, never smudges and washes off without having to use makeup removers.”
- Jill - Pennsylvania

This Mascara is not a maskara like fake lashes

“When i use this mascara everybody is asking me if i put fake lashes and real my lashes are! I only have the same answer; No they are my own, real lashes with Show off mascara!”
- Nilgun Zanzi - Alabama